About us

Welcome to TRIVE™

A unique and time-tested game in goal achievement and team building. Our mission is to strengthen relationships through the art of face-to-face interaction.

Phones Down – Let’s Talk!

The concept of TRIVE began in 2001.  Living in the United States, my wife and I relocated to Asia.  Our  two daughters elected to remain in the United States to complete their university education.

We needed a way to stay in touch.  So we formed what we referred to as the Family Council. Each year over the holidays we came together to expose our personal goals and talk about them, face-to-face, with no interruptions. Through a simple gaming process we chose one another as coaches, to stay with us over the year, providing encouragement and support towards the achievement of these goals. At the end of the year, we met again to assess our performance and reward our achievements. As a result, goals were accomplished and our relationships with each other became stronger.

The process has evolved to what is now known as TRIVE™. Our family considers it as important today as it was 20 years ago. It encourages us to talk, listen and interact with each other in real time, face-to-face.  

We hope this exercise will provide you value in the way of entertainment, education and celebrated achievements.  Most of all, we hope it helps strengthen the important relationships in your lives.


This game has allowed us to open up and express ourselves in ways we haven’t done before. I love the way it allows us to support each other! – Cindy